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ISO Project Plan

ISO Management systems developments phases and steps

We believe in the value of streamlining to ensure that we work smarter and not harder. In support of this philosophy we combine various disciplines such as Quality Assurance, Engineering and Business to provide clients comprehensive and highly relevant business solutions.

Each of our systems are broken down into 4 phases and invoices sent once a phase has been completed. The dates are an average time frame, it may take longer or shorter depending on the commitment of the organisation, scope and processes required to be documented.

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Phase 1: Gap Analysis
Task Description Time Frame on Average Days
Word Based manual system
Web Based electronic system
1. GAP Analysis Audit 3 3
2. Awareness Training on ISO Standards (Requirements) 1 1
3. Analyse & identify current systems (processes & procedures) within the company 2 3
4. Information gathering from each employee (develop job descriptions, current policies, procedures and processes) 2 3
5. Specifications and systems architecture designed and signed for approval by client. 2 5
Total Phase 1:
10 Days
15 Days
Phase 2: System development
Task Description Time Frame on Average Days
Word Based manual system
Web Based electronic system
1. Management systems manual 10 10
2. Mandatory procedures & legal requirements addressed 5 10
3. Process development (SOP’s / WI / Documents & Forms) Functionalities for web-based developed. 20 35
Total Phase 2:
35 Days
55 Days
Phase 3: Implementation
Task Description Time Frame on Average Days
Word Based manual system
Web Based electronic system
1. Verification of system documentation per Employee and Manager (changes of several drafts into revision) 10 3
2. On the job training on management system developed to all employees 15 3
3. Auditor & maintenance of system training (atleast 2 employees) 3 3
4. Final awareness training on QMS to all employees 1 25
5. Internal audit conducted 2 5
Total Phase 3:
31 Days
40 Days
Phase 4: Certification process
Task Description Time Frame on Average Days
Word Based manual system
Web Based electronic system
1. Audit readiness (management review meeting) 1 1
2. Corrective Action Request (CAR) 3 4
3. Hand over 1 2
Total Phase 4:
5 Days
7 Days
Total Duration:
81 Days
117 Days


Although the perception is often that technology asset management is only suitable for larger businesses, the truth is that businesses, irrespective of size and within any industry, benefit from the streamlining of processes using the most up-to-date technology available. With this in mind, we offer a range of technology supported solutions to help clients keep up with the demands for improved information security and management of records.


A company that meets the requirements for quality embedded in ISO 9001 and other international standards also benefits from streamlined business systems. As part of this process, all employees with the company should be involved. This includes quality training in the various aspects of compliance, as well as job specific responsibilities. It is for this reason that our approach to systems development includes the provision of top quality training programs.

Integrated Management System

Our integration approach helps us to successfully integrate existing management systems of client companies and new quality management systems into a single Integrated Management Solution. To this end, we also offer clients a single electronics system for the management of policies, procedures and relevant documentation. All of these steps help the company to reduce the cost associated with managing compliance.

Certification Approach

The WWISE certification process, although comprehensive, is straightforward and aimed at making the transition from your existing system to a compliant system as painless and hassle-free as possible.

The first step is to get in touch with us to explain your requirements. Our team will listen carefully and provide you with an accurate estimate of the costs involved. The approach includes an assessment of training requirements and the implementation of relevant programmes. Where needed for compliance, we will redesign your existing processes and ensure the involvement of all relevant parties.

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