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Quality Management System

The Importance of Quality Management


Quality Management is a pivotal aspect of businesses that manufacture and produce goods or deliver services to their customers. A Quality Management System (QMS) can give your organisation the means to efficiently oversee and manage quality control within the processes and executions of your organisation. The ISO 9001 standard delivers an internationally agreed-upon framework on which a QMS can be structured for businesses of any size and within any industry. WWISE can develop and implement a QMS in accordance with the ISO 9001 framework for your business, offering training and maintenance as well to keep your QMS up to date and your employees aware of the quality control measures.


How Can a QMS Fit into My Business?


When you employ us to develop a QMS for your organisation, we can tailor such a system specifically for your business and its quality control. The ISO 9001 framework is adaptable to businesses of any size, which gives you the freedom to grow your business while maintaining your implemented QMS. We also offer regulatory QMS maintenance to ensure that your system grows with your business while complying to the latest ISO 9001 requirements and regulations. When it comes to integration, we focus on ensuring that your Quality Management System does not cause any disruptions and works to the benefit and efficiency of your organisation. Finally, with such a system in place, you can seek certification from an accommodating Certification Body to further elevate the status of your business through international certification.


Quality Management goes deeper than just testing your products or services against specific indicators. Successful businesses utilise Quality Management and its controls to ensure that they are as efficient as possible throughout product manufacturing all the way through to service delivery. By optimising on time and resources, your QMS will allow you to increase the quality of your products or services to drive more business to your organisation. Consumers will always compare products or services in terms of quality and pricing. Although quality might cost more, it leads to brand conviction and customer satisfaction. Both are pivotal for a business to grow and reach new heights.


What is a QMS?


A Quality Management System can be defined as a collection of policies, processes, documented procedures, and records to outline a framework of a set of rules and regulations on how an organisation or business creates or delivers their products or services to their customers. As a result, a QMS should be tailored to meet the specific needs of a business, which is heavily reliant on the type of products or services they create or deliver. The ISO 9001 Standard delivers a framework that ensures that every element involving Quality Management is implemented into your QMS, giving you the controls to manage such a pivotal part of a business. In the end, you want your business to take advantage of its QMS to identify areas on which you can improve, resulting in a more efficient organisation.


How Can WWISE Help My Business?


Businesses that want to be ISO certified must first comply to the specific ISO Standards that they want certification for. With an ISO 9001 certification, your business will have more credibility regarding the quality of your products or services. WWISE can assist you towards ISO 9001 certification and align your business with an accommodating Certification Body once we have developed and implemented your QMS. Along with the implementation, your business will require training to effectively implement the QMS and comply to its requirements. Your QMS will also assist you to identify areas on which your business can improve on. This is where regulatory maintenance ensures that your QMS develops alongside your business.


When you choose WWISE, you can expect a comprehensive approach to Quality Management Systems for your organisation. We offer an E-Learning platform that can serve as an information portal for your business, empowering your employees and managers with training on the ISO 9001 Standard and relevant topics surrounding this standard. We also offer GAP analysis audits, internal and external audits, and assistance with the certification process to ensure that your business can reach its full potential. If you are interested in our services or would like to know more about Quality Management Systems, feel free to browse our website on the topic, contact us on 086 109 9473, 021 525 9159, or email us at admin@wwise.co.za.