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Safety Training

Keeping Your Employees Safe within Their Workspace


Occupational Health and Safety is a pivotal aspect of any workplace, ensuring that employees are safe within the space provided for them or out on site. No matter if it is a corporate office or a construction site, your employees must be aware of possible dangerous situations that could occur and how to avoid these situations. The industrial sector focuses heavily on Occupational Health and Safety, ensuring that work-related injuries are minimal and avoided as far as possible. If you are looking for a solution when it comes to Safety Training in relation with ISO 45001, WWISE is your answer.


Facing the Challenges of Creating a Safe Workspace


With the COVID-19 virus, workplaces must adopt new ways to ensure that this virus is not transmitted within the workplace. Many businesses decided to accept a new normal to allow their employees to work from home when applicable, reducing the risk of the workplace being infected with COVID-19. However, manual labour cannot be done from home, leaving businesses operating within the industrial sector vulnerable to outbreaks. Although several COVID-19 protocols have been introduced since the first outbreak at the beginning of 2020, there are still other Occupational Health and Safety elements that must be addressed for the safety of your employees. This is where our Safety Training solutions can be a feasible answer for your business.


What Should I Know About ISO 45001?


The ISO 45001 Standard is published by the International Organisation for Standardisation (ISO), consisting of several members that represent a variety of standardisation organisations across the world. This standard delivers a framework on which an Occupational Health and Safety Management System (OHSMS) can be developed and implemented for businesses that seek ISO compliance and certification. Besides our Health and Safety training courses, we can also assist your business with an OHSMS that aligns with ISO 45001, along with regulatory maintenance solutions to keep your OHSMS up to date with the latest regulations and ever-evolving with your business needs. As a result, you can comply to internationally agreed-upon best practices to create a safe, healthy, and prosperous work environment for your employees.


Health and Safety Training Courses


WWISE makes use of an e-Learning platform that offers a variety of Occupational Health and Safety training courses for different work environments, including retail and office spaces. Our e-Learning platform can also serve as a resource hub for your business when you want to learn about different ISO Standards and become aware of how these frameworks can be implemented to the benefit of your business. The majority of ISO Standards are adaptable to businesses of any size and operating within any industry. Therefore, you can identify which ISO Standard will best suit your company regarding compliance and possible certification. Although WWISE is not a Certification Body, we can assist you through the process of compliance and align you with an accommodating Certification Body when you wish to become certified. We also offer annual maintenance solutions to ensure that your company stays compliant to ISO regulations and requirements.


Our Health and Safety training courses on our e-Learning platform includes Induction for Retail, Maintenance and Factory, Housekeeping, and Office and Reception courses, catering to a wide variety of workplaces to suit your needs. We also offer a course that handles in Display Screen Equipment and Workstations, creating awareness about Occupational Health and Safety for people who work with visual display units (VDUs) and display screen equipment (DSEs) on a daily basis. We also offer a First Aid Theory course that serves as an awareness guide for basic first aid theory, which is an ideal course for any type of work environment where first aid might be needed. Finally, our Fire Safety training course is another example of a universal awareness course for any business or organisation that operates within a designated workspace such as an office building.


When it comes to Occupational Health and Safety training and Management System solutions, WWISE is your first choice. Our comprehensive solutions will ensure that your business is on top of Occupational Health and Safety regulations, creating the necessary awareness among your employees through our applicable E-Learning courses. For more info on how we can assist your business, please contact us on 086 109 9473, 021 525 9159, or email us at admin@wwise.co.za.