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SHERQ Consulting

The Importance of SHERQ Consulting for Your Business


SHERQ consulting covers Occupational Health and Safety, Environmental Management, Risk, and Quality Management of an organisation. This comprehensive approach ensures that an organisation can optimise its processes throughout the entire business, from basic product manufacturing to service delivery. Therefore, the importance of SHERQ consulting rests on the benefits that your organisation can reap, consisting of efficient SHERQ management, training, and maintenance solutions for every part of your business. WWISE offers an all-inclusive approach to SHERQ consulting and training, able to accommodate businesses of any size and within any industry.


Occupational Health and Safety


Apart from the COVID-19 measures, Occupational Health and Safety is a pivotal element of any workplace, whether it is a construction site or a common office space. It also serves as the first part of SHERQ consulting, focussing on the related aspects of your work environment to ensure that your employees are safe, healthy, and work within an accommodating space to reduce any work-related incidents. The ISO 45001 standard puts forth a standardised framework on which an Occupational Health and Safety Management System (OHSMS) can be tailored to your business. We can develop and implement an OHSMS for your organisation to give you the management tools to not only optimise your work environment and ensure the safety of your employees, but also comply to an internationally agreed-upon ISO Standard, making your business eligible for certification.


Environmental Management


The impact of an organisation on their immediate and surrounding environment must be responsibly managed to avoid any negative or damaging implications. Waste management is such a vital part of any business, only touching on a single subject when it comes to Environmental Management. Your business might not be aware of the different ways to approach basic environmental subjects and aspects. Luckily, our SHERQ consulting solutions cover this key element to ensure that your business runs as clean and efficient as possible. The ISO 14001 standard delivers a framework on which we can develop and implement an Environmental Management System (EMS) for your business as well. We can also maintain your EMS, updating and improving this system as your business grows and reaches new heights.


Quality Management


Businesses are commonly built around product manufacturing and/or service delivery, involving customers that determine whether or not such a business can flourish and grow. Customer satisfaction plays a big role when it comes to Quality Management, considering what people expect of your business. However, you need a Quality Management System (QMS) to give you the tools to optimise the quality of your products/services throughout basic manufacturing and service delivery. We utilise the ISO 9001 standard to develop and implement a QMS that is tailored specifically for your business, no matter the size of your organisation or which industry you operate in. Although we are not a Certification Body, we can align you with a Certification Body once your business complies to the requirements of ISO 9001, allowing you to become certified and be more competitive within your industry.


SHERQ Training Solutions and Management System Maintenance


WWISE offers comprehensive SHERQ consulting and training solutions to ensure that your business can take the right steps towards ISO compliance and new levels of efficiency. We also utilise an e-Learning platform that can serve as a valuable resource for your organisation regarding ISO Standards and SHERQ training. Once you employ SHERQ Management Systems, we can deliver annual maintenance solutions to keep your business compliant with the latest requirements, allowing you to prepare for certification and continue to be compliant moving forward. The most prevalent benefit is that Management System Maintenance will keep improving your Management Systems, giving your organisation the chance to grow and reach new levels of competitiveness.


Preparing Your Business for the Future


2020 has been a year of adapting, adjusting, and changing the way we conduct regular business. Companies that adopted the new normal came up with feasible solutions to move forward, allowing them to leave their competition in the dust. With ISO Standards, you can align your business with international best practices and Management Systems to ensure continuous improvement and assessment. With us on your side, you can prepare your business for the future with comprehensive SHERQ consulting and training.


When you are looking for a partner that can deliver SHERQ consulting and training solutions for your business, WWISE is your answer. For more info on how we can assist your business, contact us on 086 109 9473, 021 525 9159, or email us at admin@wwise.co.za.