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COVID-19: Consulting on OHS Act


WWISE consulting service includes on site information gathering and risk analysis in order to create a COVID-19 File which includes the documents below:
All documents will be drafted according to the individual business operations and needs to ensure compliance to the COVID-19 Occupational Health and Safety Measures for Workplaces

COVID-19 Toolkit

Policy Health and Safety Policy
Smoking Policy
COVID 19 Plan COVID 19 Plan
Procedures Emergency Preparedness Response Procedure
Caring for PPE Procedure
Health and Safety Measures (COVID-19)
Medical Screening Procedure
Checklists COVID-19 Questionnaire
Personal Protective Equipment Issue
Routine Maintenance Schedule
Hygiene Facility Inspection- Ablution
Hygiene Inspection Kitchen-Canteen
Office Inspection
Representative Checklist
Vehicle Checklist
Cleaning Schedule
COVID-19 Self Audit Checklist
Risk Assessment Health and Safety Risk Assessment (version 1)
Appointments Section 16.1 Resolution letter
Section 16.2 Appointment
Health and Safety Representative Appointment
Risk Assessor Appointment
Incident Investigator Appointment
Induction Health and Safety Induction Manual
Visitors Health and Safety Induction
Posters 8 posters
COVID-19 Work Schedule COVID-19 Work Schedule
Attendance Register Attendance Register


Government has relaxed the National Lock-down to level 4 as of 1 May 2020, however regulations have been put in place to ensure that with the increase in business operation and movement, stringent measures are put in place to safe-guard the health and safety of the citizens of South Africa. READ MORE >