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Gap Analysis

What is a Gap Analysis Audit?

A Gap Analysis Audit is conducted if a more cost effective approach is required. The Gap Analysis Audit will determine how far off from or close to your company is from the relevant standards, Naturally, the closer your company is to the standard, the cheaper the quotation.

It is a First Party Internal Audit to understand the organisations current status of compliance to an ISO standard. The audit will guide the WWISE consultant & organisation to effectively cost on the “Gaps” within the organisations Processes.

The most effective method to determine the current conformance to an ISO standard and respective legal requirements.


Our Gap Analysis Process is depicted below:

View Gap Analysis Diagram:


Gap Analysis Costs

The costs associated with an audit is R9250-00 (Excluding Vat and Travel Outside of Gauteng). One Man Day Audit can audit up to 4 processes or 8 employees in a 8 hour day including the ISO Management System.

  • 1 Man Day Audit, audits atleast 4 process, which includes the ISO-Management System and 3 other business processes.
  • Anything more than 4 Processes will require an additional day or auditor, depending on the size, complexity of the organisation’s processes, legal requirements and standards.

The more the processes / employees the more man days are required.

WWISE and Client can agree on multiple days of an audit with 1 auditor, or multiple auditors in one day.

To quote effectively for a Gap Analysis Audit WWISE require the following Information:

  1. Scope of the Organisation including the ISO Standard Required to be audited against.
  2. Legal Requirements (Register) if there are any,
  3. Number of Processes/Departments
  4. Number of Employees per Process Department

A Gap Analysis Audit proposal with a quotation shall be sent once the information is gathered from the Organisation. A 50% is required in order for WWISE to book dates for the audit. The balance is paid after the audit is complete, with a report and project implementation proposal.

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For more details about a WWISE Gap Analysis Audit quote, kindly forward us the relevant information listed under Gap Analysis Costs

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Muhammad Ali ISO 9001 Lead Auditor registered with SAATCA