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Health and Safety Management System

The Importance of Health and Safety in The Workplace


In a professional work environment, certain standards must be met to ensure the safety and wellbeing of your employees or workforce. Businesses operating in the industrial sector are well aware of the importance of health and safety in the workplace. According to the International Labour Organisation, there are more than 2,7 million workplace-related deaths per year, which is an astounding number. This translates to roughly 7400 cases per day throughout a year. Therefore, your business needs a system to ensure that your employees are safe and healthy when working at an office, industrial facility, etc.


The International Organisation for Standardisation (ISO) is a multi-national organisation that has set forth internationally agreed upon standards for businesses and organisations across the world. These standards cover pivotal aspects of any business, including Health and Safety, Quality, Environmental, and Information Security standards. By complying with these standards, your business can be certified and be more competitive in its market. It will also ensure that your business operates more efficiently and in line with what is expected on an international level. Health and safety are growing concerns for businesses across the world. If you want your business to address this aspect, we offer solutions with ISO training and compliance.


The Basics of ISO 45001:2018


The ISO 45001:2018 standard is the first of its kind, delivering a standard that specifically focuses on occupational health and safety management for a business. It provides a set of processes that will drastically improve the profile of a business’s workplace safety once they are completely implemented. However, the process of developing and implementing such a system can be very challenging. This is where we come in, delivering solutions to development, training, and implementation of such a standard for your business.


Previously, the OHSAS 18001 standard was used to ensure that the Occupational Health and Safety profile of a business meets international standards. The ISO 45001:2018 standard replaced the OHSAS 18001 standard in 2018. Businesses are given 3 years to transition to ISO 45001:2018. If your business needs assistance to make this transition, our services can be of great value to you. No matter the size of your business or the type of industry that you operate in, ISO 45001:2018 can make a notable difference regarding Occupational Health and Safety for your business. Although the results will speak for themselves, it is critical to comprehend the value of ensuring workplace safety for your employees and yourself.


Implementing ISO 45001:2018


The implementation of the ISO 45001:2018 standard will affect everyone in your business, as it provides a framework that stipulates a role for everyone to improve workplace safety. By improving this aspect of your business, you can expect a decrease in workplace-related incidents regarding health and safety. Not only will it boost the morale of your employees, but it will also provide them with the peace of mind that you consider Occupational Health and Safety as a very important aspect of your business. Workplace-related incidents can escalate to legal disputes, employees leaving the business, and other similar consequences that could have a negative impact on your business. Therefore, we provide a solution through training, development, and implementation of ISO 45001:2018, resulting in a Management System that can be maintained accordingly by the business itself, without our assistance.


The framework of ISO 45001:2018 delivers a generic Management System that is aligned to the requirements of ISO 9001. Therefore, if your business already has a Quality Management System (QMS) and/or an Environmental Management System (EMS), ISO 45001:2018 can simply be integrated into these systems to work in synergy and elevate your business to new levels. As a business owner or manager, you want the very best out of your organisation. Once your business performs on optimal levels, you can expect growth and being more competitive in your specific market. By complying with ISO standards, your business will take a step in the right direction to reach your goals.


WWISE is your partner in ISO compliance, systems development, training, and implementation of ISO Management Systems. We ensure that your business adheres to the requirements of various ISO standards regarding subjects such as Health and Safety, Quality, Environmental, and Information Security. For more info on how we can assist your business, please contact us on 086 109 9473, or email us at admin@wwise.co.za.