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Integrated Management System Software

The demand for Governance Risk Management and Compliance is growing substantially. Organizations are replacing unintegrated point solutions and spreadsheets with centralized, enterprise-wide, integrated solutions that cover the full spectrum of risk disciplines. WWISE strives to provide an accessible compliance software solution that adapts to each unique business and, in return, can assist in ISO certification by being paperless and more efficient.

Our target market is any business that requires a user-friendly software platform that resolves standard corporate governance, risk and compliance issues as well as any business that needs t o streamline and standardize documentation across departments and become ISO compliant. This will also be available on mobile devices using iOS, Windowsor Android.

1. Document Control 12. Training
2. Non-Conformances & Corrective Action 13. BEE scoring
3. Risk Assessments & Preventive Action 14. Human Resources & Performance Management
4. Environmental Aspects an Impacts Assessments 15. Quality Control
5. Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment (HIRA) 16. Quality Control
6. Safety Incidents & Accident Investigation 17. Finance
7. Auditing Management (First, Second and Third Party Audits) 18. Asset & Calibration Management
8. Management Review Meeting 19. Energy Management
9. Internal Communication 20. Project Management
10. Client Satisfaction 21. Information Security
11. Supplier Management 22. Reports

How to get ISO-IMS