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ISO 20 000-1 Consulting

Consulting Advice for Newcomers to the ISO/IEC 20000-1 Service Management System

If your firm offers any type of IT-related services, you will want to make use of our ISO 20 000-1 consulting expertise to help your organisation meet the requirements for certification, and to streamline the integration with your existing management systems.

What is ISO/IEC 20 000-1 and why is it relevant to your company?

As our consulting experts will explain, it is an IT services standard that is internationally recognised as the standard for setting up and maintaining a service management system. The aim of the service management system should be to ensure improvement in the delivery of IT-related services.

What does the standard stipulate?

Our consulting team will help you to interpret and understand the wording of ISO 20 000-1. The standard should not be confused with the requirements of ISO 9001, which is focussed on setting up and maintaining a quality management system. The two management systems can both be implemented to ensure superior quality and service levels. The standard specifies the particular requirements that a company must meet in planning, establishing, implementing, operating, monitoring, controlling, reviewing, maintaining, and improving an IT service management system. In covers everything from the design to the delivery and ongoing improvement of IT-related and commerce services to meet the agreed service needs of the company’s clients.

How do compliance and certification help the organisation?

As our consulting experts will explain, certification helps the organisation to prove that it meets best practice requirements. It is a comprehensive standard and, as such, it applies to all areas of IT service delivery. Implementation helps the company to reduce costs associated with dissatisfied customers, penalties related to non-performance in service level agreements, and wastage of time and resources. Implementation helps to improve efficiency levels throughout the organisation. Certification helps the company to stand out in the competitive business environment. It thus gives the organisation a competitive edge over peers who are not yet compliant and certified. Clients are more likely to make use of a service provider that is ISO 20 000-1-certified than one that is not, simply because they can expect consistency in IT service delivery and know that the company must ensure ongoing improvement to stay compliant. Certification also helps to increase stakeholder and investor confidence in the company.

What is the foundation for the standard?

It is based on the Office of Government Commerce (OGC) and the Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL). As such, it is the standard to comply with if a company provides IT-related services. The standard follows the “Plan, Do, Check” approach, which is characteristic of many ISO standards for management systems. Because of the above, the organisation can easily implement and integrate the SMS with the organisation’s existing ISO management systems. We provide expert consulting services related to the integration of management systems to help reduce the cost and time associated with administration of the various ISO management systems.

What is the applicability?

The standard is applicable to a firm of any size that provides Information Technology service management functions and that wants to measure their current IT service management against an internationally accepted standard for it. The standard was originally a British standard, which has been adopted globally.

How can your firm benefit from our ISO 20 000-1 consulting and training services?

Successful planning and implementation of ISO 20 000-1 helps your firm to gain a competitive edge. However, there are many pitfalls to avoid with planning, implementation, and maintenance. These pitfalls can cost your company money. To help you follow the right approach, save money, and ensure on-going compliance, our consulting team provides services such as:

  • Guidance regarding steps to take for implementation.
  • GAP analyses to determine shortcomings and areas where to improve.
  • Internal and external audits.
  • Integration assistance.
  • Certification preparation help.

We also provide training, whether at your company, or e-platform-based. In addition, we provide templates for implementation, videos with instructions, and management review assistance. We have extensive experience in the planning, design, and implementation of ISO standards. Our process is explained upfront and we work with you to ensure successful implementation and management. With our consulting expertise you can streamline the management of the various ISO management systems and gain the maximum benefit from implementing ISO 20 000-1.