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ISO 27001 Consultants

Developing and Maintaining an ISO 27001:2013 Information Security Management System


Most businesses utilise the effectivity and efficiency of Information Technology. Digital platforms make life easier for businesses to collect and store data on various aspects of their business. However, sensitive information will always be targeted for exploitational reasons. Therefore, it is crucial to ensure that your business has an ISO 27001:2013 Information Security Management System in place. Such a system will give your clients and business partners the assurance that their information is safe and secure when doing business with you. By being a modern business, you want a strong online presence to ensure that your business is competitive in today’s market. It also means that you can implement online financial transactions, which would require an Information Security Management System that meets international standards to manage and control such transactions securely.


At WWISE, we can assist you in getting an effective ISO 27001:2013 implemented. ISO 27001:2013 consists of various clauses and requirements for the development and control of an Information Security Management System for your business. The International Organisation of Standardisation (ISO) has set forth several internationally agreed upon standards for businesses across the world. By complying with such standards, you will elevate your business to be more competitive and trustworthy in your market. We offer our consulting services in this domain to ensure that your business can comply with ISO standards with regards to Environmental, Health and Safety, Information Security, and Quality aspects.


The Fundamentals of ISO 27001:2013


The ISO 27001:2013 standard is available from the South African Bureau of Standards (SABS), providing the requirements for setting up, maintaining, and improving an Information Security Management System for your business. The aim of a Management System is to ensure that specific procedures and policies are in place to protect data integrity and assure compliance with statutory regulations in accordance with ISO 27001:2013. The technical, physical, and legal control requirements of this standard will minimise the risk of possible data losses, confidentiality breaches, and data corruption on your digital platforms. In turn, your business will be more trustworthy and competitive by implementing and maintaining an Information Security Management System as opposed to addressing such issues on your own terms.


Furthermore, the ISO 27001:2013 standard addresses the support of such a system, along with the requirements to make it fully operational in your business. We gather information to effectively identify the gaps in your information security and collaborate on closing those gaps. ISO 27001:2013 follows a top-down risk minimisation approach. This results in various phases throughout the development process of an optimal and compliant Information Security Management System for your business. By using this standard as a guideline, your business can put security policies in place, define your specific system, and review and manage any identified risks accordingly. By selecting the relevant control objectives, your business can develop an applicability statement as well.


Every business faces an uphill battle regarding information security. It is a very delicate matter that could severely impact your business relations and operations if done poorly. Therefore, the ISO 27001:2013 standard exists to address this matter and deliver a feasible solution to businesses of any size and in any industry. With the rapid progression and development of software and hardware, it can be even more difficult to ensure the safety of your data and sensitive information on a digital platform. As a result, it is essential for your business to maintain and improve your Information Security Management System. Our services will ensure that your business is equipped to perform maintenance and improvements with our collaborative approach.


If you are looking for a solution to ISO compliance, WWISE is your answer. We offer consulting, training, development, maintenance, and implementation solutions regarding Management Systems that comply with ISO standards. Your business will receive a hands-on approach throughout the development and implementation phases of such Management Systems, along with the necessary training to ensure that your business can maintain and improve these systems without our assistance in the future. Therefore, you can start doing business on a more competitive level through ISO standards compliance and certification. Please contact us today on 086 109 9473 or email us at admin@wwise.co.za for more information on how we can assist your business.