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ISO 50001

What is ISO 50001:2011?

Efficient energy usage is essential for organisations in reducing costs and preserving resources in support of sustainable operations. ISO 50001:2011 is an international standard that sets out the requirements with guidelines for usage regarding the development and maintenance of an Energy Management System (EnMS).

Certification of compliance is voluntary. Many organisations implement their EnMS based on the requirements and guidelines of the Standard to assure their customers of their commitment to energy efficient operations. By doing so, organisations are able to improve their energy performance, security and consumption, thus reducing their costs as well as environmental impact in relation to greenhouse gas emissions.

The Standard is not industry or organisation sized specific and can be accordingly adopted by organisations in all sectors. ISO 50001:2011 follows a systematic approach regarding the development of an EnMS. It covers the topics of energy usage and consumption, as well as the measurement, documentation and reporting of such. The Standard furthermore addresses the design and procurement procedures for energy-using systems in addition to the development of an EnMS. It does not prescribe the organisation’s energy performance objectives, but instead gives a framework in which the organisation can set and follow their own energy performance targets.

Relevance to Your Organisation

The Standard provides the necessary guidelines to help your organisation develop Energy Management System that will help to reduce energy consumption and costs. Potential ways to use energy more efficiently can be identified and the long-term benefits of lower costs and sustainable operation will also contribute to improved company performance. Compliance furthermore opens new business opportunities, as clients want to do business with a company that manages energy consumption efficiently and cares about their environmental impact.

Our Role

WWISE will help your organisation to set up a 50001:2011 compliant EnMS and assist with the integration with current management practices and Standards such as ISO 9001 and 14001. Our services include the development of the policies and procedures, setting of targets and measuring of results, as well as training of personnel.

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