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Legal Audits

A legal audit of your compliance with the Mining Health & Safety Act, OHS Act and the Related Regulations including the Mine Works Regulations. The legal audit report, includes photographs of non-complying areas and recommendations for your deficiencies.

WWISE Can provide Legal Audits on the following Legislations in Line with ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001:

  1. National Environmental Management Act
  2. Environment Conservation Act
  3. Hazardous Substance Act
  4. National Buildings Regulations Act
  5. Compensation For Occupational Injuries And Disease Act Occupational Health And Safety Act
  6. National Water Act
  7. National Air Quality Act
  8. Road Transportation Act
  9. Transport Appeal Tribunal Act
  10. Noise Control Regulations
  11. Water Service Act
  12. Health Act
  13. Tobacco Controls Act
  14. Green Management Audit

If you would like to find out where you are at in the Pollution Management continuum, or find out what pieces are missing, we will conduct a “Green” Assessment with a Visual way of scoring your responses. A Pollution Wheel accompanies the Report, for you to see what type of Pollution Programme exists within your company and where the gaps are and where you can improve.

Any other respective Legal Requirements Audit can be sourced

Muhammad Ali ISO 9001 Lead Auditor registered with SAATCA