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Quality Management System

Utilising ISO 9001 to Elevate Your Business


Quality control is a fundamental element of any business. By ensuring that your products or services are meeting certain levels of quality, you will ensure that your customers and clients are happy. Keeping them happy can lead to recurring business, which leads to growth and success for a business. To accomplish this feat, your business needs a Quality Management System (QMS). Such a system will result in quality assurance for your consumers, giving them the conviction that your products and/or services are superior to those of your competitors. However, many businesses do not have an idea where to start when developing and implementing a QMS.


The International Organisation for Standardisation (ISO) has set forth a variety of internationally agreed upon standards for businesses to comply with and become certified. Since it is a multi-national organisation, these standards are designed to be applied to businesses from across the world. Some of them can also be applied to businesses across different industries, regardless of the size of the business. Therefore, your business can benefit greatly from developing and implementing Management Systems that comply with ISO standards. If you need a partner that can assist you in these matters, we are your solution.


Developing a QMS for Your Business


The ISO 9001 standard forms part of the ISO 9000 series and handles on quality management for a business. This specific standard is applied throughout all industries of business, and can be applied to yours as well, regardless of the size or location of your business. ISO 9001 provides the framework to establish, implement, and maintain a Quality Management System that meets international standards to ensure that your products and/or services are delivered at optimal levels of quality. Maintaining such a system will also be necessary, as nobody can predict the future and can only adapt to how their industry changes or evolves. With our assistance, we will ensure that our training includes the maintenance and improvements of your QMS moving forward.


Assessing the quality of your products and/or services by utilising a QMS that meets ISO standards will elevate the level of your business by allowing you to identify possible areas of improvement and addressing them accordingly. The results will benefit your business by adding quality assurance that will lead to product or service conviction from your consumers. Modern-day consumers are very informed and opinionated about the products and/or services they pay for. Since social media has the power to directly influence your industry and business, it is a wise choice to optimise your business and ensure customer satisfaction. Many businesses go viral on social media because of the quality of their products. Such a feat can become a reality for your business when developing and implementing a QMS that will ensure that you deliver proper quality control.


The ISO 9001 standard serves as a feasible and highly recommended part of any business to ensure that you can devvlop and implement a QMS. To get ISO 9001 certification, your business will undergo a certification audit by an accredited certification body. Your business must also comply with specific requirements as stated in ISO 9001. The process of developing, implementing, maintaining, and improving a QMS might seem like a steep mountain to climb. Luckily, you have a partner that can assist you through this process to ensure that your business can reap the benefits at the end of the day. Therefore, a business that only seeks ISO 9001 certification to land a deal with another organisation that will only do business with ISO 9001-certified organisations, will miss the entire point of getting certified. Such a certification should serve as testament to your QMS and the direct influence it has on the quality of your products/services.


If you are considering ISO 9001 compliance for your business, WWISE is your solution. We offer training and consulting regarding various ISO standards, as well as development and implementation of different Management Systems to ensure that your business complies with these standards. If you want to elevate your business with a QMS that is compatible to your organisation and industry, contact us today on 086 109 9473 or email us at admin@wwise.co.za. Take advantage of meeting ISO standards in your business with us on your side.