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Skills Plan

We recommend the following skills plan for delegates that want to pursue their careers in the respective fields listed below in accordance with the Sector Education Training Authorities (SETA).

The skills plan is a guideline and pathway for delegates hoping to become a specialist in SHEQ. A delegate may choose not to choose any pre-request course to get into CQT or Lead Auditing. Based on experience, education & current expertise.

All courses that have examinations or tests will be assessed, moderated and be given a Competence Certificate, provided the delegates obtain higher than 60% in each course, unless otherwise stipulated by the facilitator. If no tests are written, delegates obtain a certificate of attendance.

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To become the “Ultimate Quality Professional”, there are 2 specific pathways to choose from:

  1. Quality Assurance
  2. Quality Control

However you can specialise in both, this is highly recommended, or you can simply choose any single course that suits your needs.


To become the “Ultimate Environmental Specialist”, you must follow the skills plan below.

Health & Safety

To become the “Ultimate Health & Safety Practitioner”, you must follow the skills plan below.

Engineering and Management courses

These are courses that allow you to build a toolbox to address the respective problems you may face in the working world. You may choose which courses you wish to accomplish from the list or order a customized training of your needs, in order to improve yourself.

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