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Supplier Audits

Internal & Second Party Supplier Audits

WWISE Can perform Internal First Party Audits on behalf of an organisation that requires and independent objective opinion towards the ISO Requirements Standards and Compliance to Legal Requirements.

Organisation who require Internal Audits are:

  • Looking to Objectively understand their current conformance to the ISO Standards and Compliance to Legal Requirements.
  • Maintenance of their ISO Management System
  • Independent judgement of organisation conformance before a third party certifcation audit is conducted
  • Supplier Audits (Audits on behalf of Organisations Suppliers) these will referred as Second Party Audits.  Usually to judge the conformance to the organisations internal procurement and SHEQ requirements.


WWISE Fees for a 1 Man Day Internal Audit is @ R9250-00 Ex vat & Travelling costs if outside of Gauteng.

  • 1 Man Day Audit, audits atleast 4 process, which includes the ISO-Management System and 3 other business processes.
  • Anything more than 4 Processes will require an additional day or auditor, depending on the size, complexity of the organisation’s processes, legal requirements and standards.

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Muhammad Ali ISO 9001 Lead Auditor registered with SAATCA