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ISO Management Systems

We have two formats of systems:

1.  MS-Word Based ISO Management System

The Microsoft Word based Management System is a page that links to all policies, processes, procedures, forms and templates.  An easy to understand and interpret Management System, that is manually controlled and managed. This system is the most recommended as it is the easiest to integrate into ones company.

2.  Web-Based ISO Management System

A Web-Based solution is a paperless system that controls all processes within the organisation electronically and linked to e-mail notifications and a performance based management system.  The system can control businesses over a smart phone device and keep control of all processes.

What Are The Benefits of an Electronic ISO Management System?

  • No annual or monthly license fees
  • To document your company’s processes electronically
  • To Control and Manage Documents and Records Electronically  
  • Identify non-conformances and opportunities for improvement electronically
  • Allow employees to lay concerns (Corrective and Preventive action processes) without being intimidated
  • Safeguard your clients
  • To facilitate trade and be able to trade internationally
  • To increase efficiency and to promote transparency in your organisation
  • Measuring Objectives, Processes, and Resources Electronically.
  • Measure client satisfaction electronically
  • Measure supplier performances
  • Control all Processes Internally and Externally
  • Measure Customer Satisfaction and is linked to performance Appraisals.



WWISE recommends a Manual Microsoft Word Based System, which is most cost effective to organisations that are unfamiliar with ISO Management Systems.

A Web-based Management System (Paper Less) to organisations that are familiar with ISO Management Systems.

We can develop any system for any ISO or OHSAS standard.  All Systems are process driven and customized to the organisations requirements and needs.

Various other systems such as:

  • Project Management
  • Supply Chain
  • Carbon Foot Print

can also be developed in line with the requirements of the organisation.

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